Lucid dreamer
Only the words are mine

I don’t know how

how things got this sad.

You’re everywhere, everyday

and absolutely nowhere.

My mind, it drowns

in sorrow

in memories 

in questions

in you.

Though I know you’re only dust

though you’re not.

You’re in my eyes

All the words I rabble

all the meaningless thoughts.

I’m feeling lost these days

as if life itself had abandoned me. 

I can’t sleep

The grey eyes 

The white lights

It dries. 

We feel afraid 

In the black night

I mind my way around the crowd

looking, searching

never find

always feeling

Numb inside.

Meaningless days passing by 

like strangers.

an empty head fills me up with sadness

sadness of the heart, I feel rejected 

emptiness of the body, I feel so lonely 

so tired.

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